Plant a Tree

Plant a Tree

At Great Glen Yurts, we are passionate about preserving the natural world around us. We believe in slowing down and treading lightly upon the Earth. Staying in a yurt is one of best ways to have an exciting, as well as a sustainable, holiday.

We are lucky enough to be located on a stunning highland family-run farm which is rich in woodland and wildlife. Otters, badgers, red squirrel, pine marten, roe deer, kingfisher, owls and many other bird species can be found here as well as rich and abundant plant life.

It is our mission to help preserve this natural habitat as well as extend it. Over the past two years we have been planting native trees on a section of land that has been previously heavily grazed by sheep, cows and deer. Rowan, oak, hazel, birch, wild cherry and scots pine saplings now scatter the riverside landscape. We believe in the importance of the local provenance of our seeds so have been collecting and propagating seed from the farm as they will be genetically best placed to thrive here. Our vision is to continue to plant and nurture this native woodland both as a way of cutting carbon emissions as well as protecting biodiversity by creating a nature haven.

We would love to offer you the chance to give something back when you come and stay with us and so we have integrated an option to ‘Plant a Tree’ when you book your stay. We have started our own small- scale tree nursery here on the farm where, with your contribution, we aim to grow and plant between 2000- 3000 trees each year.

So far we have replanted with the help of our friends in the local community but we also love the idea of having our yurt guests contributing to the enrichment and beauty of our landscape. The majority of the planting will take place in the autumn months so if your visit coincides and you want to get your hands dirty then you are most welcome to choose and plant your tree yourself. Otherwise we will do the hard work for you.

tree saplings